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Animal Attacks

Tennessee Dog Bites: The Type of Animal May Affect Your Injury Claim

December 14, 2017 Tennessee Dog Bite Attorneys Your legal rights depend on the type of animal that hurt you. Dogs Most states have passed laws that are known as "dog bite laws." Dog bite laws impose what is known as "strict liability" on dog owners for harm caused by their dogs. Strict liability means that the Read More

Tennessee Dog Bites: Proving Knowledge of an Animal’s Vicious Propensities

September 19, 2017 Injury Lawyers, In Tennessee, unless the animal is considered dangerous, the injured person usually must show that an animal owner knew (or had reason to know) that his/her animal was harmful, having what is known as "vicious propensities," in order to recover damages from the owner. There are Read More

Tennessee Dog Bites: Payment of Damages in Animal Bite Cases

July 26, 2017 Homeowner's Insurance In most cases, an animal owner's homeowner's insurance policy will cover damages from dog bites (and injuries caused by other common household pets) that occur on the owner's property or while the dog is under the owners control. A common amount of liability coverage in Read More