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Can You Obey The Speed Limits On Texas Roads

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Can You Obey The Speed Limits On Texas Roads

It is sometimes difficult to avoid going over the speed limit unless you keep a constant lookout for the speed limit signs or know the roads well. If you are stopped by a police officer it is always plain common sense to be polite, cooperative, and tactful in response to his or her questions. If you are lucky, you might just get away with a warning, but if you are given a speeding ticket it is worth remembering and recording as many details about the circumstances of the citation, especially if you think that the ticket could have serious consequences for you and you choose to fight it. Of course, just because you get a speeding ticket doesn’t mean that you were actually guilty of speeding or that you should just plead guilty and pay a fine to make things easier for yourself. In many circumstances it is worth pleading not guilty to a charge for a traffic violation like speeding as the consequences of not doing so may make life difficult for you in the near future.

Speeding Ticket Penalties in Texas
The State of Texas is not as severe as some other states when it comes to fines, but it still considers speeding as a serious offense and will impose three main types of penalties on you, depending on the speed at which you were alleged to have been driving over the speed limit and whether it was your first offense or when you had been charged for speeding before. The three possible penalties in the Texas area are a fine, another moving violation on your license, or license suspension.

Note that telling the court that you didn’t know you were speeding because you hadn’t seen the speed limit sign is unlikely to be effective, even if this was true. However, if you had a real reason for speeding, such as taking somebody to the hospital, it may get a favorable response. Depending on your actual speed over the limit, as well as where you were caught speeding determines the fine. License suspension depends on how many moving violations you have had in a 12-month period. If your violation of this speeding ticket puts you over four, then you will have a license suspension. The length of your license suspension is up to the discretion of the judge. Speeding tickets can be fought and it is your choice whether you accept a guilty plea with all the possible consequences or hire an experienced traffic violation attorney to help you fight your speeding charge. It is most likely that a good lawyer can get your charge dismissed altogether, or at least have the penalties reduced.

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