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When Driving On Texas Roads – You Need Car Insurance

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When Driving On Texas Roads – You Need Car Insurance

There are severe penalties imposed if a driver fails to obtain and maintain insurance on a vehicle. Failing to have proper insurance can result in a mandatory revocation of the registration of a vehicle, which can carry fines and/or imprisonment. In addition, after a hearing, a civil penalty can be imposed if the violator was the owner and operator at the time of the offense.

However, if certain defenses are asserted, the penalty may be avoided or stayed. A conviction of operating a vehicle without insurance will result in a mandatory revocation of the vehicle registration and the driver’s license for a period of time if there was no accident or for one year if there was an accident. The revocation will stay in effect until the civil penalty is paid.

An accused violator can request by certain methods to be heard at a hearing in order to prove that he/she was not aware of the termination of insurance coverage and that another person’s negligence caused the termination of insurance. It is the burden of the accused violator to prove that the lapse or termination of insurance was the result of another person’s negligence because it is presumed that all notices were properly sent and received. This typically applies to the situation where the driver pays an insurance agent for coverage and the agent fails to forward the payment to the insurance company. If the vehicle was not properly insured and there was an accident involving death or injury, the penalties are more severe.

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