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Wrongful Death: Who is eligible to sue?

A “wrongful death” claim is allowed when a person is killed due to the negligence of another individual, company or entity. Who is eligible to file a wrongful death suit? An action for wrongful death in Tennessee belongs to the spouse and children of the deceased

Additionally, other family members – such as stepparents, grandparents, and dependents, may also be permitted to file suit in some situations. If the victim is a minor, the state may require only a parent or an adult guardian to bring a lawsuit. Our attorneys represent families involved in wrongful death cases occasioned by the negligence, carelessness, and recklessness of others.

We are experienced with wrongful death losses and we can explain all of the intricacies of the law. If you or someone you love is eligible to file a wrongful death claim, contact us today, to learn more.

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